Services Provided

Light & Render

we can provide high quality lighting and rendering for your project with Arnold , Vray or etc.

Concept Art/Modeling/Rigging/Hair Grooming/Final Look

In this part , we provide 3d character or a location or etc.

Concept art in Phototop , modeling in Zbrush and Maya , textureing in Substance Painter, rigging in Maya or 3ds Max , final look with Vray , Arnold or redshift.


We’re expert in animate. We can animate with 3ds Max , Maya softwares and Moho.

We did over 2000 min animate project.

Concept Art

We can develop your character from sketch to final look in this part.


You want to model a character ? a location , prop or anything special? givr us you idea and recive clean and retopology model with high qualith texture. If you need hair and fur or anything , just contact us.

Lighting& Rendering

We interested to painting with light and it has a good feeling for us.


Our animators have learned 3D animation from the best 3D animation schools and experienced it in many projects